$7 For 7 Days Primal Email Course

This package is for those that want info on how to start a life that will open up your potential as a healthy, functioning human being.

  • Each morning for a week, an email is sent out that outlines a stress reduction technique, nutrition information and recipe tips, and a movement challenge for the day.
  • We focus on health as it relates to ancestral living. This includes lowering carbohydrate consumption and eating whole, delicious foods.
  • We go into stress reduction techniques like meditation and optimizing light exposure to reset our natural circadian rhythm. Workouts are incorporated into your daily habits, not handed out like dogma.
  • This course is perfect for those that want to begin an easy to understand, affordable journey into health.

1 Month Of Personal Coaching

This is a program that is done over Skype or in person. After an initial meet up or call to set goals and a nutrition program based on your current health, we schedule 4 meetings for the month (once a week). The basics of ancestral health and nutrition are discussed and fitted into sustainable habits that can be effortlessly maintained.

  • 3 hours of one on one coaching through out the month.
  • Email and text communication for any questions beyond our weekly meet up are strongly encouraged. Ask me anything!
  • Nutrition according to what we are meant to eat as human beings are stressed, with food lists and meal suggestions supplied to ensure ease of compliance.
  • An intuitive fitness plan is established in which full body, functional movements are the foundation.
  • Stress reduction methods such as meditation or breathing are gone over. Reduction in exposure to chronic stress is discussed, as well as how to optimize habits for optimal sleep and recovery.