IMG_0565Welcome! My name is Elliot Steele.  I am a certified Primal Health Coach based in Chelan WA.  My road to health has been a long, rocky one.  I was a staunch vegetarian for years and had to stop after developing autoimmune conditions and gut issues.  After slowly incorporating more animal products into my diet, I stumbled upon the Primal way of eating and living.  Shortly after,  my wife was diagnosed with cancer.  She beat it, but it left us wondering if there was anything in our power to stop it from  happening again.  This led us onto a ketogenic diet to maintain optimal levels of therapeutic ketones, low inflammation levels, and optimal body composition.  She was able to gain back weight lost from chemotherapy, and is now even healthier than before all the treatment.

Health is not just about nutrition and working out.  Our mindset affects us just as much as what we eat.  When I was discovering how to incorporate Primal practices into my life, my mindset was the biggest roadblock to progress.  Only after getting a handle on my chronic stress, sleep, and negative self talk was I able to truly take my health to the next level and solve issues that had been nagging me for as long as I could remember.

I offer help for those that are looking to regain their health back after being without it due to medical reasons, lifestyle, or anything that has gotten in the way of feeling your best everyday.  Let’s Steele Back Your Health!


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