Wellness Wednesday #7

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The person you are today will be the person you are tomorrow.

The things you eat today will be what you are made of tomorrow.

The way you move decides how you will feel tomorrow.

The thoughts you think will determine the world you perceive tomorrow.

I’m not trying to throw self help quotes at you because of a lack of anything real to say.  These things are literally true! Take a look at the first one.  Why wouldn’t you be the same person tomorrow that you are today?  We human beings like structure.  We like habits.  We like knowing that the activities we do today will be more or less the same the next day.  Everything we do provides forward momentum into the next day.  A habit like sinking into a comfy armchair after work and zoning out until its time for bed creates comfort, and our bodies crave comfort. 

I’ll bet you if you stick to that routine for a week you’ll do it for a month.  Change the habit for a couple of days and you will start to crave the new one.  Hang out with the family or your wife instead of trying to tune out and that will be the new norm

Say you never make breakfast and instead grab a bagel on your way out of the house or at a coffee shop.  Your training your body to expect a hit of glucose every morning.  That fuel source is remembered.  The body then expects more and more carbohydrate to deal with the up and down spike of blood sugar.    When lunch rolls around the cycle continues, low blood sugar and a primal need to fill it.  That wouldn’t happen if breakfast was bacon and eggs.

It’s hard to make ourselves get up and do some strenuous exercise, let alone go for a walk every day.  I’d say 5 out of 10 times a dread my 3 time a week resistance training session.  A voice inside says to take the day off.  But because iv’e ignored that voice countless times, I lace up my shoes anyway.  Iv’e put momentum into doing the thing and reaping the reward.

Our thoughts and voiced opinions broadcast to others the way we see ourselves in the world.  If you are constantly saying you are lazy and don’t like to get out much, that will absolutely become your reality.  If your friends hear you say how much you hate moving they will see you as a lazy person.  They won’t invite you out to go hiking.  You then don’t have opportunities to be pushed to do active things, and feel lazy.  This creates a feedback loop in which you manifested something out of thin air just by voicing it to others. 

The point here is that if there are things you want to change about yourself, the only time to do it is now.  What you are doing right now informs what you will do tomorrow.  Want to stop eating so much sugar?  Get a beef stick instead of a candy bar.  Want to not crash an hour into your workday?  Take 5 minutes and make yourself an omelette in the morning.  Take a walk after dinner tonight.  Stop saying to others that you don’t like to move and they won’t see you that way.  

The person you are today will be the person you are tomorrow, and you can change that in the next decision you make.

Have a great week everyone,
Elliot and Beth

Elliot Steele is a Primal Health Coach based in Chelan WA.  He strives to empower those looking to regain their health after a lifetime of misinformed  practices.  This is the essence of Steele Back Your Health, to truly learn how to be healthy with sustainable habits.  Check out the coaching and blog page for more info!

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