Wellness Wednesday #6

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“We’re all just walking each other home”
-Ram Dass

This is one of my favorite quotes of all time.  In this statement the arc of our life experience can be examined.  We can derive some meaning out of our day with this quote.  

I think it’s so easy for us to get one track minded and focus on the small daily goals that keep us going.  This is our nature.  It’s hard to really conceive or think in long term goals.  Small goals are fantastic.  They are what lead us to our bigger dreams and purpose.  What we need to be doing is make sure that these smaller things are actually serving the bigger picture.  Realistically, the things we are doing today will probably be the things we are doing in 5 years.  Every habit is just that, a habit.  If you didn’t change your habits, would you be satisfied with doing the same things you are doing in 5 years?  Would your life be heading in the direction you want it to be?  This is a pretty easy way to take an honest look at your every routine.

This applies to your diet, movement, stress reduction, relationships, and job.  What needs to stay or change in order to be where you want to be in a year?  In a sense we can begin to lead ourselves home by doing this.  By really asking the hard questions of “Is this habit serving me?” we can steer ourselves onto the path of fulfillment and contentment.  

What does home mean and how do we get there?  To me it really means peace with what is and being ok with what isn’t.  Everyone is on this path to be content and happy.  Our parents, our friends and family, our children.  The best thing we can do by these people is help them and encourage them to find their path to home.  The best way to start?  Identify and find your own way there.

This doesn’t mean you need to know your life purpose right now.  I don’t think anyone could know what that is.  It means doing the things that put you in a place of oneness with the people around you and puts you in a state of optimal health, mental clarity, and the ability to serve.  

For me this includes all the habits in my daily routine.  My meditation for 15 minutes twice a day lets me be able to not be so reactive to my emotions and stress.  This in turn makes me a much kinder human being to others.  My daily 12-16 hour fast makes me much more productive, especially in the morning, allowing me to get my work done in the best state of mind and therefore express myself in the most honest way.  Eating a low-carbohydrate, low inflammatory diet lets me feel my best and not have to think about food all the time due to eating two big meals a day full of nutrient dense foods I enjoy.  Taking daily walks with the dog puts me in a better headspace and lays the groundwork of a healthy fitness routine, one more thing that I don’t have to think about as much and makes me a stronger person for the challenges of everyday life.

This  is all to say that our habits define if we are on the path to home.  The path to happiness and fulfillment and complete selflessness with others.  If your habits consist of jumping out of bed every morning in a rush and stopping at McDonalds for breakfast, sitting most of the day, getting a burrito from the gas station for lunch, taking shit from your boss, and coming home to destress with a few beers and be snarky with the family because of how much you hated your day, is that really helping you and your family get home?  I think we know the answer.

Try asking the question of your routine.  If you see something you don’t like in your day, try and change it.  Try to make the day easier for someone else.  You’ll be that much closer to home.

Have a great week everyone,
Elliot and Beth

Elliot Steele is a Primal Health Coach based in Chelan WA.  He strives to empower those looking to regain their health after a lifetime of misinformed  practices.  This is the essence of Steele Back Your Health, to truly learn how to be healthy with sustainable habits.  Check out the coaching and blog page for more info!

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