What Does Primal Health Coaching Look Like?

People often don’t know what is means to be a health coach or what goes into the services provided by one.  Depending on who you are asking, the answer can vary widely.  For some, the term health coach immediately sounds like “life coach”.  This term can be misleading.  While a life coach can help you steer towards better habits in your life that will lead to a happier more fulfilling life, a health coach gets much deeper than that.  

A health coach isn’t just a life coach.  A health coach looks at all aspects of your life that could be optimized.  For me this boils down to three simple parts.  Stress, nutrition, and movement.  When these three things are optimized, your habits are set up in a way that will support your goals and  help you accomplish them.  When we learn how to deal with stress, we learn how to manage our anxiety and worries.  When we learn to recognize what thoughts are causing more anxiety than productivity we learn how to be in control of our mind.  When we are in control of our mind we make better decisions with our nutrition.  When we make better choices with our nutrition, we are able to have the energy to utilize sustainable movement patters in our day.  Movement triggers ancient reward systems in our body and properly manages hormone production.  

As you can tell these three areas work synergistically together to provide energy to us.  Without one we cannot have the other.  This is what a health coach, in particular a Primal Health Coach, can offer.  We offer support for a truly optimized life that leads to more energy, happiness, and a more enriched life.  

The problem for many is that it takes a commitment to hire a health coach.  Often people are interested, then hear that it may cost 200$ for a month of coaching and are thrown off by it.  What many don’t consider is that a small investment in your health leads to permanent changes in your habits that will lead to lifelong health.  A health coach isn’t offering you the latest fad diet or shake formula.  A health coach offers accountability, insight, and most importantly compassion.  At Steele Back Your Health those three offerings are part of the lifeblood that makes our services so unique.

If you have been following along with me for any amount of time you will notice that I use the term “ancestral health” a lot.  All this means is that I like to take care of my body the way that our ancestors did.  This doesn’t mean I am catching all of my own food or living in a cave.  It simply means that we are an animal that will respond to the same stimuli our ancestors  were exposed too, and by making a point to be exposed to those same stimuli we will promote optimal health and wellness.  This can include simply reducing the amount of exposure to artificial light, getting rid of processed grain and sugar, getting a handle on stress, and making sure movement is built into our life not designated to the gym.

When you make the choice to hire a Primal Health Coach you are entering into a partnership with someone who is experienced in living and teaching this way of life.  You could call it getting back to our roots.  As a society we have collectively started to live in a way that actively goes against what it means to be a healthy human.  We eat mostly boxed foods with little animal or plants, we sit inactive for most of our days, we don’t sleep nearly as much as we should, and we act as if being chronically stressed is a normal state of mind.  All of this has led to a massive uptick in chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune disorders.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  

My wife Beth and I discovered the path of ancestral living after she successfully battle non-Hodgkins lymphoma.  Determined never to reach that level of sickness again, we changed our lives around by simply changing our habits.  The knowledge we gained in that process is what I share with others who are on the journey of reclaiming their health.   In a month of coaching we take a deep dive into what it driving bad habits, and replace them with sustainable practices that are effortless to maintain.  These habits aren’t a diet or workout plan, they are new practices that replace reaching for the bag of potato chips when your stressed, replace thinking that a muffin and sugary coffee in the morning will wake you up more than getting out in the sun.  In the process you will learn how to recognize behaviors that are triggered by stress and anxiety and replace them with habits that support mental and physical well being.

Thanks for reading everyone.  If anyone you know is wondering what hiring a health coach would be like, send them this way! Check out the coaching page for some of the plans we offer, and make sure to get a free copy of our ebook, 3 Elements To Lifelong Health.  There I take a deep dive into stress, nutrition, and movement.  You can sign up here.  

Get A FREE Copy Of Our Ebook, 3 Elements For Lifelong Health


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