Internal Obstacles To Getting Healthy


What is stopping you from going out and purging that pantry of poisonous foods, walking around the block,  meditating, or any other practice that could be benefiting you?  I know when I began trying to get healthy I had a number of hurdles to cross.  I had an idea in my head that if I just applied enough willpower I could make myself eat the right things, or exercise the right way.  This worked for a month or so.

I reached a certain point where I just didn’t want to put the effort in anymore.  What was the point?   The answer is right there.  What is the point?  Before I could continue getting healthy I needed to ask myself why I was doing this, and why it was so hard to continue. So what were my internal obstacles?  A feeling of not deserving health. Also turns out that foods is a coping mechanism for me, and has been since I was a child.  I had to make a definitive shift in how to deal with stress before I could make the commitment to just eat healthy everyday.

Now, I meditate every morning, journal my goals, and exercise to strengthen my body and mind against stress.  This has replaced the need to stuff myself with junk whenever I get stressed.  This routine might look different for you.  Below are three questions to start this process.  This is the angle I start coaching from.  If at all interested in getting some help feel free to schedule a preliminary coaching call to discuss you goals here.

Internal Barriers To Your Health Goals

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